The latest (version 16) Huntersounds patch sets for Digitech RP 250/255/350/355 are now up for sale at our store. These sets will be available from our retail partners in a few days. All current licensees will get the new set via email this weekend (March 2-3 2013). All expired licensees will be offered the chance to renew their subscription for a $10 fee. (Note: the current RP150/155 patch sets have not changed. RP150/155 users needn’t worry; the latest RP150/155 sets were the starting point for many of the patches that appear in the v16 sets.)

The new sets take a different approach than my previous sets. It was clear to me that the vast majority of patch set buyers just couldn’t use all the sounds I included in previous sets, which was wasteful for all concerned. So these sets include fewer sounds, designed to cover the vast majority of playing situations. The new RP350/355 sets include 35 patches, which are repeated in the same sequence twice to fill the RP350/355 user area. The RP250/255 sets include 30 patches, also repeated to fill the user area. These patches are the result of over ten years of work on these devices, and they are big, bold, and powerful.

You can download a complete current layout and description of each of our latest patch sets for Digitech RP250/255/350/355 (and now RP500!) by clicking on one or more of the links below.

RP355 Huntersounds v16 Patch List
RP350 Huntersounds v16 Patch List
RP255 Huntersounds v16 Patch List
RP250 Huntersounds v16 Patch List
RP500 Huntersounds v16 Patch List

This layout has a couple of advantages. It ensures that your favorite sound is never far away, no matter where you’re currently positioned in the RP’s patch list. It also makes it easier to experiment with new sounds without overwriting your favorite sounds. Finally, it makes pricing crystal clear: the licensee pays $1 per patch.

In the near future, we will offer licensees add-ons in the form of 5-patch packages aimed at specific applications and styles. We think this will make it easy for RP users to add exactly what they need to configure their RPs for exactly the music they want to play.

You can hear samples, check out the patch set lists, and more at