All About ‘The Lucky One’, Richard Hunter’s 21st Century rock harmonica masterpiece

the rock harmonica masterpiece

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My record “The Lucky One” is about redefining the role of the harmonica in a rock band for the 21st century. I’ve used a lot of colors on this record, and I’m laying out the process, the techniques, the harps, and the FX I used for every harp part on every song in a series of posts over the course of the next couple of months.

“The Lucky One” session Sep 18 2016, 1935 Studio, Philadelphia, PA; photos by Patty Sagalyn

Rather than just spread those posts out all over the place, I’ve collected them all here, in order, so you can follow the story the way I wrote it. If you play harmonica, you’re sure to get something you can use out of this series of posts. If not, you’re sure to know a lot more about this music and playing the harmonica after you check these posts out.

The Songs

How I recorded “The Lucky One:” an overview of the recording process from start to finish

The harps, FX, and process I used to record the tough blues-rocker “Double Lucky”

The harps, FX, and process I used to record the SciFi sounds for my cover of the TV series theme “Orphan Black”

How I recorded the big, rocking harps for my Dylanesque song “The Road Out of Here”

How I recorded the harps for my bluesy Little Feat homage “50 Grand”

How I recorded the glistening chromatic harmonica leads for “Vivid”

The harps and FX I used on my garage-rocking cover of “96 Tears”

How I wrote and recorded the harps for the Springsteen-esque rocker “Why Should I Make History”

How I recorded the alien love song harmonicas on my cover of Morphine’s “Early to Bed”

How I recorded the simple, beautifully layered chromatic harps for “Deeper”

How I recorded the big diatonic harp sounds for the the philosophical rocker “Make the Noise”

How I recorded the hard-edged dual leads for the 2017 version of “Put the Lever Down”

And More…

You might also like to see a few pictures from the recording sessions for “The Lucky One.”

If you want to know more about the Digitech RP500 setups that provided all the harp sounds on “The Lucky One,” check this out.