About Richard Hunter’s Patchsets for MultiFX Pedals and Amps

We design sounds that make harmonica players sound great.

Our patch sets–collections of pre-configured amp and FX setups for Digitech RP, Zoom G3, and Fender Mustang series amps all have a few things in common:

  • They sound great with harmonica. The proof is in the pudding, or rather in the grooves. Check out our rock harmonica masterpiece “The Lucky One,” whose every harmonica part was recorded with a Digitech RP500.

  • They include a variety of sounds that work in a range of styles, with chromatic and diatonic harmonicas. (Did we mention that you should give “The Lucky One” a spin and check out all those cool sounds?)

  • They represent great value for money–nowhere else can you get this quality and variety of sounds for anything like the price! An amplified harmonica setup based on a device loaded with Richard Hunter’s Huntersounds patches costs in the neighborhood of 1/3 the price of a comparable setup based on a traditional tube amplifier plus dedicated effects pedals. And there’s more than that in the picture–any of these amp modeling devices contains dozens of characteristic amp tones, not just one, and dozens of effects, not just a few. (By any chance, did we mention that you should listen to all the cool harmonica sounds on “The Lucky One?” )


Mustang III (on left) and Mustang II



Pick the One(s) For Your Kind of Great.

If you want a set of outstanding basic acoustic and electric blues setups, with a wide range of tough amped tones and enough FX in the mix to work for rock, all in one stage-ready package, check out our patchsets for Fender Mustang series v.2 amps.

If you want a big set of basic blues and acoustic setups PLUS a wide range of effected sounds for rock that you can plug into any PA, recording console, or keyboard amp for instant setup with a one-stop shop for harp, check out our patchsets for Digitech RPs.

If you want the same kind of approach that you hear in the Digitech patchsets, and you want it to run on batteries, check out our patchset for the Zoom G3.

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