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Our very latest release (as of November 2019) is “Blue Future”, a set of five 21st Century blues that feature harmonica in a range of electronically altered roles, along with Hunter’s 21st-Century lyrics about alienation, social disintegration, and willful blindness. Oh, and a cheating woman, too.

the 21st century blues harmonica manifesto in sound

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“The Lucky One” is our latest CD, full-on Americana and classic rock. It’s been called a masterpiece by some of the best-known harmonica players in the world, and it has a brand-new sound that’s shaped by layers of amped-up and effected harmonicas–big, bold, and rocking. The lyrics deal with themes like self-expression, love and loss, money, and cheatin’. (Like I said–Americana.) It’s got three great cover songs (including startling covers of Morphine’s “Early to Bed” and the “Orphan Black Theme”) and ten originals.

Hey, it’s a great record. Listen to it. Buy it.

the rock harmonica masterpiece

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“The Act of Being Free in One Act” is our first full-length CD, and an acknowledged masterpiece of solo acoustic harmonica performance, composition, and arrangement. This record explores the sounds of solo acoustic harmonica in ways that remain uniquely beautiful and innovative over 20 years after they were first recorded. The music was recorded and mastered by award-winning engineer Chuck Eller, and the sound of the harmonicas on this record is strikingly clear, present, and luminous.

By the way, if you’re interested in learning what harmonicas (keys and tunings) were used to record the pieces on that CD, check this out.

“All You Good People” is a collaboration between Hunter and British blues duo Sugar Mama UK. It includes the utterly remarkable guitar and harmonica free improvisation “Sun Clusters” and the acoustic Little Walter tribute “Something for Walter” by Richard Hunter as well as a number of covers of classic blues tunes like J.J. Cale’s “Call Me the Breeze.”

You can find more of my music below. All songs available from this page are copyright © Richard Hunter/Turtle Hill Productions, and all rights are reserved. Unauthorized commercial use is a violation of international copyright law. If you’re interested in licensing Hunter’s music, contact us via our contact page. We return inquiries within 24 hours.


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  • Acoustic harmonica with accompaniment
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  • Ringtones

  • Solo acoustic harmonica

    When Johnny Comes Marching Home (192 kbps mp3)

    The Star Spangled Banner (192 kbps mp3)

    Hymn for Crow (192 kbps mp3)

    Peppermint Life (192 kbps mp3)

    Bela’s World (192 kbps mp3)

    Big 17 (192 kbps mp3)

    Blues for Charlie (192 kbps mp3)

    Golden Mel (192 kbps mp3)

    Requiem (192 kbps mp3)

    New Country Stomp (192 kbps mp3)

    Rock Heart (192 kbps mp3)

    Widow’s Walk (192 kbps mp3)

    Winter Sun at Nobska (192 kbps mp3)

    Acoustic harmonica with accompaniment

    Blue Hunter (192 kbps mp3)

    How Long Have I Loved You (192 kbps mp3)

    Electric harmonica with band

    Auld Lang Syne (192 kbps mp3)

    Kill the Doctor (That Killed My Wife) (192 kbps mp3)

    Lever Down (192 kbps mp3)

    In the Night (192 kbps mp3)

    Ridin Blues (192 kbps mp3)

    Deeper (192 kbps mp3)

    “Minor Kill (192 kbps mp3)

    Put the Lever Down (1982) (192 kbps mp3)


    NEW! 3 Harp Slide (192 kbps mp3)

    NEW! 3 Harp Stroll (192 kbps mp3)

    The Ripper (192 kbps mp3)

    Ridin Blues (192 kbps mp3)

    When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Ringtone 1) (192 kbps mp3)

    When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Ringtone 2) (192 kbps mp3)

    Put the Lever Down (Ringtone 1) (192 kbps mp3)

    Put the Lever Down (Ringtone 2) (192 kbps mp3)

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