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Pictures from the sessions for “The Lucky One” at 1935 Studio, Philadelphia, PA on Sep 18 2016. (Photos by Patty Sagalyn)

Richard Hunter, harmonica and vocals
Mike “SloMo” Brenner, lap steel
John Cunningham, bass
Mark Schreiber, drums
Peter Rydberg, engineer

AND here’s the record that began with those sessions! Check it out.

the rock harmonica masterpiece

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You can also check out Mark Schreiber’s photos from the “Lucky One” sessions.

Richard Hunter harmonica workshop at the Sound Retreat, Chester, CT, Sep 20 2015. (Photos by Tracey Kroll)

Brian Maw Band live at The Bridge, Pocatello, ID, 17 Nov 2012. L to R: Eli Preston, Brian Maw, Bernie McBurns, Richard Hunter

Hunter/Maw/Preston live at South Fork Lodge, Swan Valley, ID, 11 August 2012. L to R: Brian Maw, Eli Preston, Richard Hunter

Sitting in with Charlie Musselwhite at Infinity hall, Norfolk, CT, 29 April 2012

L to R: Centro Culturale de la Reina, Santiago, Chile; Agassiz Theatre, Cambridge, MA; London, UK; in the studio, Tetonia, ID

Richard Hunter with Lowlands, The Windmill, Brixton UK, 19 June 2010 (Photos by Chiara Meatelli)

Here are all the images we considered for our new banner in October 2010. Look at the top of the page to see which one won.

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I’ve tried to read your blog, but every time I starting this one post opens in several seconds with no way to go back. The only way to read whole blog is press “X” stop button in browser before this post opens. Some bad rediretction! I am using chrome and safari browsers on OS X.

Just for your information I have the same issue as Boris Plotnikov, using chrome and IE on windows 7.
I also got the same when I tried to listen to some of the music from your new album, you posted recently.



Hope you guys don’t mind but I’m a blues harp player from Australia. I came across your site and really loved the sound patches for blues harp using the Digitech RP series multi effects pedals. I am very interested in this as an alternative to using an amp and will look into a set-up as soon as I’m financially able. Love the sound samples so much that l had to tell my harp mates on our Australian Harmonica Players Network facebook group. I simply threw in the name of your website and gave directions to your sound samples. Hope that’s ok?

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