Fender has announced that as of March 20 2020 they have dropped support for Fender FUSE software, meaning for computer support for the Mustang I-V series amplifiers. However, Fender Consumer Relations has advised at least one customer that the software can still be downloaded from these locations:

Mac version: https://www.fmicassets.com/fender/support/software/fender_software/fender_fuse/mac/FenderFUSE_FULL_2.7.1.dmg

Windows version: https://www.fmicassets.com/fender/support/software/fender_software/fender_fuse/pc/FenderFUSE_FULL_2.7.1.exe

We’re glad that Fender has not abandoned their Mustang and Mustang v.2 owners. They’re great amps with plenty of life and music left in them. Stay tuned for more information.

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