Fender has announced that as of March 20 2020 they have dropped support for Fender FUSE software, meaning for computer support for the Mustang I-V series amplifiers. However, Fender Consumer…

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Fender has announced that as of March 20 2020 they have dropped support for Fender FUSE software, meaning for computer support for the Mustang I-V series amplifiers. However, Fender Consumer Relations has advised at least one customer that the software can still be downloaded from these locations:

Mac version: https://www.fmicassets.com/fender/support/software/fender_software/fender_fuse/mac/FenderFUSE_FULL_2.7.1.dmg

Windows version: https://www.fmicassets.com/fender/support/software/fender_software/fender_fuse/pc/FenderFUSE_FULL_2.7.1.exe

We’re glad that Fender has not abandoned their Mustang and Mustang v.2 owners. They’re great amps with plenty of life and music left in them. Stay tuned for more information.

Fender Mustang III front panel display: now that’s easy.

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  1. Hi, I came across this thread looking for a download of FUSE so I can edit the effects on a Fender Passport Mini I have borrowed. After a quick search on the iPhone App store I came across the Fender Tone app. It says its for editing the the Mustang GTX, GT or Rumble but maybe it will work for the other Mustang amps you all have.
    Thanks for the download link!

  2. The complete removal of the FUSE software without the offer of any replacement makes the digital nature of these Mustang Amps quite redundant and – although they are hardly likely to care in the slightest – is quite unacceptable. My son is a casual player who plugs his guitar in from time to time and doesn’t need a vast range of presets because he is a jazz player. As it is, he is stuck with just one now which is the Fender Bassman ’59 Preset with no mod, delay or reverb as all the other Amp selections have far too much gain applied. That’s a pretty good sound, but he doesn’t need his Mustang Amp for that and it is now unsellable. But that’s planned obsolescence for you…

  3. Anyone knows where I can get firmware update v2.2 for fender mustang II V1? The one on softpedia that works is only up until v1.9. I am trying to get access to mid knob by holding exit button plus rotating treble but it still doesn’t work on v1.9

  4. Does anyone have a fuse 2.7.1 manual? I downloaded your presets (great) but can’t find a manual anywhere for fuse!

  5. I downloaded this FUSE for Mac version which was 168 MB approximately. When I open it in Downloads it is just a label and no program. What am I doing wrong

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  7. I’m looking for 1.9 firmware for Mustang IV, if anyone has that or knows where I can find it. I have a M3 1.9 firmware from Softpedia, but don’t know if that will work for a IV as well, I’d prefer not to chance it. Does anyone know?
    Thanks folks

  8. My guess is that it does, given that the Mustang IV has the same OS as the III. Have you checked with Fender?

  9. I’ve got everything associated with the Fender Mustang I-V amps. Including the original Fuse software cd that came with my Mustang III v2 amp. But I don’t have a working computer. I saved it all to my phone, but that’s not doing anybody any good.

  10. Why did they discontinue FUSE in the first place? Was it really that hard to keep it going? Will the do the same thing with Tone? Is there another way to make it work with another program collectively? Lastly, what the hell is wrong with them? Didn’t they think they would lose customers, money, loyalty, credibility,etc.? It is absolutely asinine to abandon thousands of people who were trusting enough to choose their product. I think there should be some sort of reconcile or accommodations promptly made to remedy this situation. Otherwise, for any future purchases, I will be looking elsewhere to spend my money and likely encourage others to do the same. Honestly, I’m just a non-response away from going all “social media” on y’all already. Thank you for your potential attention to this problem. Good day

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