Okay, this is shameless shilling, and for myself too, which is doubly shameless. But I want to be nominated for a SPAH award.

Richard Hunter with Lowlands

SPAH offers three annual awards (I quote here from SPAH’s website at SPAH.org):

  • Bernie Bray Player of the Year Award: This award is presented annually to an individual for excellence in playing the harmonica.
  • Pete Pedersen Lifetime Achievement Award: Not only do these outstanding harmonica players have a record of achievement over a long period of time, they also preserve and advance the harmonica and share their talents and knowledge with the harmonica community.
  • SPAH Award of Special Merit: This award recognizes and honors harmonica players, non-players and organizations that have made special contributions to the harmonica community.
  • The one I’d like to be nominated for is the last: The SPAH Award of Special Merit. Between my book “Jazz Harp”, my ground-breaking solo compositions, and my work in creating revolutionary sounds for harmonica players on the Digitech RP devices, I think I qualify. As an alternative, consider nominating me for the Lifetime Achievement Award–I’ve certainly put a lifetime into the instrument and helping other people play it, as described here.

    You have to be a SPAH member to nominate someone for an award. So if you are, and if you’re so inclined, look in the latest packet you got from SPAH, find the nomination form, put my name on it, and send it in. Thanks!