I’ve just recorded a new solo piece–my first solo harmonica recording in years. It’s a stately, gracious piece, pretty much the right stuff for the holiday season. I’ve been working on this piece for some time; among other things, it’s difficult to play, because it uses lots of counterpoint at intervals up to and including double octaves. My wife has heard it so much that she thought I’d already recorded it years ago.

I put out a lot of work these days with multitracked everything, so I would like to note for the record that throughout the piece, there is only one harmonica playing–the counterpoint on this piece is played in real time on a single instrument. The structure is pretty simple, and there’s a big improvised section where I knew what I wanted in general but was to lazy to write it out.

You can download the piece at:

Please note that this piece, whose title is “Ostinato”, is copyrighted material owned by me, and I reserve all rights in it.