I’ve stripped my setup down to an RP355 and a Digitech JamMan mono looper for a little while. On the one hand the sounds are less complex, but on the other it’s easier to focus on what I’m playing, as opposed to building complex tones and timbres. And anyway, what’s wrong with having 70 tones to work with?

I’ve done a few loops using this setup, and I’ll post them here soon. It should be no surprise that I’m trying to make big, fat metal sounds.

I’m wondering also whether it’s legit for me to build drum loops into the pieces. What do you think? Would you enjoy a performance where the performer is basically jamming over a loop? Seems like the only way for me to create complex harmonic movements without the audience having to listen to the structure repeated several times over with one part added per repetition. Not to mention that there’s no other way for me to bring drums into the loop.