My sister-in law, Jennifer Sagalyn, leads a band in Massachusetts called the Jenny Hayes Band. I found out this week that the harp player in the band, Mark Levitan, is using my patch set for Digitech RP in their performances. I dropped by the band’s site at ReverbNation to check it out, and what a surprise! Not only does the harp sound good coming through my rig with this crew, I couldn’t always tell which patches were in play on the various songs. I guess I have to study up on my own sounds…

Jenny Hayes Band

When you make instruments, it’s a thrill to hear other people using them. I get a buzz every time I hear a harmonica player using my rig to make music. So if you want to give me a buzz, drop me a line and let me know where I can hear you playing through my patch set for Digitech RP.

And go see my sister-in-law’s band, willya? They’re wicked good. (Translation from Massachusetts-speak: “They are well worth hearing,” especially if your taste runs to Americana.)