In the last few days, people have been writing to the Harp-L list to talk about how much they like the patch set I put together for the Digitech RP 250/255/350/355. Glenn Woodhouse of the ColdRail Blues Band said some very nice things, which we quote here with Glenn’s permission:

I am set up with the RP350 and Richard’s patches. I play mostly diatonics into a black label CR, through a Lone Wolf delay pedal, and into a SJ Cruncher for most of our blues tunes but I am adding more and more organ backing on some of our songs using a Fireball V, through the RP350, and into the PA. We also do a couple of Zydeco tunes and I use a chorus/rotary effect on diatonic with the RP350 to emulate accordian and it works great.

We are adding William Clarke’s “Greasy Gravy” to our catalog and I am using two RP350 effects with chromatic for the song. For the melody I use a Fender Champ with Reverb effect and for backing the guitar solo I just hit the “up button” to go to the above mentioned organ patch and then “button down” to come back in with the melody. Basically these are the only two patches I am using so I have located them next to each other on the pedal so I can alternate back and forth quickly and easily.

We are also adding Booker T’s “Time Is Tight” that I am playing on chromatic with the RP350 chorus/rotary effect. Playing chords on chromatic (versus the split octaves I typically play) with this patch is incredible, if not “organasmic”!

I have reached a level of comfort and appreciation with the RP350 that I will consider using only it into our PA for smaller venues. It will save my back and some time not having to lug and setup my amp. I still love the Cruncher though………

Thanks Glenn! It’s an honor for our gear to be compared favorably to a Sonny Jr. Cruncher, one of the best purpose-built harp amps in the world!

Anyone who needs more info on the patch set can find it here.