I’ve completed the patch design, programming, and setup for the first RP500 Huntersounds patch set. Basically, it’s the v16 set for RP355 with 15 new patches. Some of those new patches, like a set I created with a Tweed Deluxe amp model–my favorite “clean” amp model–and a range of modulation FX, will be available as add-on packs for the other RP series devices soon.

The price for this set (when available) follows our new dollar-per-patch policy, meaning that it’s $50 to load your RP500 with our patches. Licensees who want to add an RP500 license to their existing RP license can cross-grade for $15.

RP500 in upper right
RP500 in upper right

The only remaining work is to create the documentation for the patch set, package it all in a ZIP file, and put it up for sale. That’ll take a few weeks.

If you’ve been waiting for the Huntersounds RP500 patch set, your wait will soon be over. And isn’t that a good thing? Here’s the full list of patches for this set, hot off the presses:

RP500 Huntersounds v16 Patch List