If you want to know what setups were used to get the sounds you hear on Hunter’s electric harp pieces, you’re in the right place!

We began in June 2002 with a setup for the Digitech RP200 multi-effects pedal that Hunter used for The Slide Song and Sade Tekno, the electric pieces that he released to subscribers to the Jacked In series of recordings in May and June 2002, respectively.   (The subscription list is no longer active.)

Whether you’re a subscriber or not, get your patches here:

Want the full set of 40 patches that Richard Hunter has on his own RP200?

We’re selling the full set of Hunter’s 40 gig-ready patches, ready to go, for the RP100/100A/200/200A, for a grand total of $20!

(The set is optimized for the Audix Fireball-V mic, but we’re even throwing in a bonus patch designed expressly for the Green Bullet mic.) That’s less than 50 cents per patch for a set that’s got gig-ready patches that will cover a wide range of blues, R&B, rock, pop, folk, and jazz styles! These sounds are road- and studio-tested. I’ve used them on gigs with some of the most demanding producers in the world! I’ve carefully matched the volume of all the patches, so you won’t suddenly jump up or down in volume when you switch sounds, and I’ve set them up so the RP200’s pedal will control the part of the sound that matters most for each patch (like delay level, or effect level, or pitch, or…). If you’re interested, visit our store page, or just add the set to your shopping cart below. (Note: the patches will work as well on the RP300/300A and RPx400 with a little modification — those devices include a number of parameters that aren’t found on the RP100 and RP200, but the sound engines and effects are very similar.)

Want to hear the sounds before you make up your mind? Glad to oblige! Point your browser here and download MP3s of these sounds recorded straight through our Labtec AM-22 microphone, into the Digitech RP200, into the computer, with NO additional processing applied! What you hear is EXACTLY what you get. Each sample is about 350 KB, so they should download fast.

Here’s what a few of our buyers have said about this patch set:
“These patches are fantastic!” (Jerry C.)
“Thanks for making them available. Since I’ve never used effects pedals, it would
have taken me forever to decide what is appropriate for the harp.” (Dave M.)
“One of the whammy patches (with the super-super-low bass) is incredible… I couldn’t believe the lows I was getting… Holy Crap! NICE! A couple of the blackface patches are going to become my main-sound, I think, and I’ve morphed one of your clean patches a little for a clean sound that I just love with a little slap-back echo. I’ve re-named it simply “Clean” so
I can go to it fast.” (Ken M)
“I’m particularly fond of the Blackface module, and have been using it quite often. It has a soft bluesy feel that comes through very nicely on the amp I’m using.” (Hank T)

We don’t sell RP200s.   They can be found used on eBay for prices ranging from $60-90, or at reputable online dealers like Daddy’s Junky Music.   It’s an older generation of amp modeler, but it still sounds good.  We own several newer devices (like the Rp355 and RP255), and we use the RP200 right alongside them.

DigiTech RP200A Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
DigiTech RP200A Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal