The new patch sets for the RP150/155 are selling fast, and I have to admit that I’m in love with them. I’ve actually converted some of the patches I did for these devices to their bigger brothers, the RP250/255/350/355, and I’ll be distributing those to subscribers before the end of February. This update is late, of course, but not to worry–everyone whose subscription ran at least through January 1 2012 will get this update. (We don’t penalize our subscribers for our schedule issues.)

I’ve acquired an RP500, and I’ll soon offer patch sets for that device as well. In addition to its other cool capabilities, the RP500 stores 100 patches internally, a big jump up from the RP350/355. I expect to price the sets for this device at $50. Stay tuned for more information.

Finally, I’ve recorded short clips of EVERY patch in the RP150/155 sets, and I’ll be putting those up on the site soon. You’ll like those sounds, believe me. I sure do. If you’ve got an RP150/155 already, don’t wait–go to our store and get your patch set now.

DigiTech RP155 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal with USB