I sat in last night with Jon Paris and his band at Lucille’s Grill at BB King’s in Times Square, NYC.  It was another great night.  As per my previous performances with Jon, I keep trying new sounds and effects, and this time I rolled out the envelope filter for some wacka-wacka action on a couple of tunes.  I also had a GREAT time playing lead on Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl” with my octave divider engaged for a whole lotta  phat in the tone.

Enough about me. Jon Paris is a hell of a guitar player and a really great guy.  He is one of the most generous band leaders I have every played with.  Last night he actually gave up the stage to another band, the 50’s-influenced Gas House Gorillas, for 5 songs.  (They sounded great, too.)   He asks a lot of the people who sit in with him, and you’d better be paying attention, because he’ll look at you and the next thing you know you’re playing dual lead with him.   But the results sound a lot like real music.

Jon also knows a whole lot of songs.  Last night, much to my surprise, he did a short set of Who classics (“Substitute” among them–haven’t heard THAT for a while).  I frankly never know what he’s going to play next, but I’m pretty sure that I haven’t heard most of his repertoire.

Like I said: another great night. I look forward to the next.