I sent out the latest patch updates to my RP 250/255/350/355 patch set subscribers this morning. This is a great set of patches, with three punchy Champ amp blues harp sounds, and two low octave patches that use the Wah Wah pedal for extra juice.

We’re always working on new sounds for ourselves and our subscribers. Subscribers get quarterly updates FREE (with at least four patches per update) for a year after initial purchase, and can re-up their subscriptions at any time to get another year of updates. If you’re not a subscriber, check out our store to find out more about our patch sets for Digitech RP.

We’re very proud of the new stuff, and we’re planning to record video soon to show these patches in action. Stay Tuned!

Digitech RP355
DigiTech RP355 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal with USB