A couple of days ago I decided to change out the preamp tube in my Ron Holmes-modified Crate VC508 to put a little more punch in the sound.  The swap did what I wanted, and I had a lot of fun playing with the amp and a few of my favorite mics. 

But you know what?  After a while I got tired of having one basic sound to work with.  When I play through my Digitech RP200 amp modeler, I have 40 sounds representing 6 different amps with a lot of different effect chains on tap with the push of a button.  One great sound just isn’t enough anymore.

10 years ago I’d never have dreamed that I’d get bored with the sound of a very nice tube amp.  But now I’m spoiled.  Amp modeling technology–even the 7-year-old technology in the RP200–is so good now that even a great tube amp has a hard time keeping up with it.  When you throw in the portability and price for performance that you get with an amp modeler, it’s hard to think I’d ever want to buy another amp–except maybe something that puts out a big, clean signal that I can use with an amp modeler.