I’m back in my home studio, working on my looping, getting the songs and the related sounds together. I love big low-frequency layers, because it’s a new sound for the harp with a lot of power, so I’m making lots of stuff that sounds like Morphine would have if Morphine had played harps through Digitech RP355s.

Here’s a cool sound: just a drum loop (that somehow put me in a Little Walter “Mellow Down Easy” frame of mind) with my CH-VIB patch from the v16 Huntersounds patch set. This patch is heavily distorted, with a vibrato to add even more movement, and it fills a lot of space all by itself:

Mellow Down Easy Jam RP355 CH_VIB

Here’s another version of the loop, this time with a low bass riff that’s played with a double-octave down patch on the RP355, reinforced with a Zoom G3 patch that includes a low octave double, a vibrato, and an autowah, in that order. The lead is the TW_8DW patch from my v16 Huntersounds patches; this patch has a Twin Reverb amp model with a low octave double and a wah wah.

Mellow Down Easy Jam–RP355 TW_8DW TAKE 2

These samples were recorded with my Zoom H4 a few inches from the grill on my Peavey KB2, and presented without edits. Stay tuned for more as a I continue to develop the solo electroharp repertoire.