Here’s a rough mix of a tough instrumental blues, “Fixin’ to Live,” by myself and my brother Mark Hunter. This piece began life as a solo slide guitar recording by my brother. I added bass, drums, and harmonica.

The harmonica is recorded through an Audix Fireball mic (with V element) into the Digitech RP355, and from there straight into the computer audio interface. I recorded three harp tracks, two with a Manji in A in 2nd position, one with a Special 20 low E harp, all using variations on the same RP355 Bassman amp model patch, one with a rotating speaker effect.

I often do a lot of editing on my harp tracks, but these were recorded in straight passes with little to no editing, albeit after a few takes to figure out what I was doing on the piece.


Fixin’ to Live (320 kbps mp3)