I’ve been working on new sounds for the Digitech RP500–no surprise there–and I’m having a lot of fun with the Gibson GA40 and Digitech Blues amp models, neither of which are available on the RP355 and down.

The GA40 amp model is a raw-throated kind of amp model. It hollers, with a touch of screech in the tone. The matching 1×12 cab model adds a lot to the general sense of raw blues shouting. In fact, I’m using this cab model with other amp models now when I need more screech and holler in the tone. It sounds like the Champ 1×8 cab model–which is also screechy when you need it–only with more low end punch. In short, it’s one seriously blue amp model.

One of the amp models that sounds nice with the GA40 cab is the Digitech Blues. I didn’t know what to expect from this model, and it has no matching cab. But it turns out to have a nice, beefy midrange punch that goes well with blues harp, and it matches well with the usual cab suspects for big blues harp sounds.

New features take time to explore, which is why you never know exactly to do with one of these devices the first time you turn it on. I’m having fun seeing what these new models can do. Stick around for more discoveries.