I’ve started making ringtones out of some of my recent pieces, including my 30-second blues explosion “The Ripper”, as well as some less aggressive (still harp-saturated) pieces.

You can hear them all (and buy one for yourself or someone else, if you like) right here at this site. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the ringtones.

My favorites is the “The Ripper”, 30 seconds of high-intensity blues–heavy amped harp over a big rhythm section, fast and loud. The harp was recorded with a Shure 545 SD mic into a Digitech RP250, and I deeply regret to say that I have no idea at all what patch setup I used on the RP. (Wish I did, ’cause I’d sure like to use it again.) I think it’s worth hearing just for a taste of what the RP can do for a big amped sound.

And it sure stands out in a crowd when your phone rings.