The testimonials on this page are all unsolicited, unedited, and published with the permission of the people involved, all of whom are patch set licensees. Where available, we’ve included a URL for the bands these musicians play in so you can hear what they sound like. We’re proud to say that our patch sets are inspiring musicians playing blues, rock, jazz, Celtic, and even heavy metal!


Ryan Bannister, (USA)

“I am nearing 2 months now since my conversion from Fender Bassman to RP350. I am still loving the transition and have no regrets. The only issue I have (as I stated to you before) is the varying output volumes on different patches. Other than that I am enjoying the INSANE variety of sound. I eagerly await any new patches you create. Especially the DIRTY, HONKING gritty blues sounds….but I use everything. I play with such a variety of bands that I am making full use of the RP350. So, that is all. Just wanted to tell you I am nearly 2 months in my conversion, and no regrets. Thank you for all you do!”

Doug Cole, (USA)

“Purchased your patch set a few months ago and am really digging it. I play through a very clean Roland keyboard amp and a Shure 58, and it sounds great. It’s so much fun to go through all the patches and experiment with different sounds. It has definitely reinvigorated my harp playing and added a new dimension of creativity and versatility to my musical life! I play a lot of local jam sessions and folks really like the sounds I’m getting!”

Nigel Evans, (UK)

“I have to say how absolutely delighted I am with the whole RP/Huntersound patch setup. I’m a dilettante harp player who has spent the last 25 years or so occasionally jamming acoustically with some of my favourite musicians via my CD/MP3 collection and I’ve never amped beyond a Bottle ‘O Blues mic and a Smokey practice amp.
However, earlier this year a bunch of old school friends decided to “put the band back together” and I was invited to contribute some harp. We all have impending 50th birthdays and thought it would be fun to play at our respective celebrations. As much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t justify the expense of a nice valved rig but after a little research I came across your site, listened to some samples and read some of the testimonials. It seemed to be the perfect solution so I decided to take the plunge. After a little hunting around I managed to persuade someone to part with a brand new (still sealed in the box) RP355 for £80 and I picked up a Marshall 8015 150W keyboard amp for £40 on eBay. Total price £120 (that’s about $192 in US funny money). The first time I played through it I managed a few bars before I had to stop because I couldn’t stop giggling to myself. The sound was so good, man it REALLY honks! Thanks for providing such a great, economical and versatile product for getting great sounding harmonica.”

Neil Warren, 2011 National Harmonica League (UK) Rock and Blues winner

“Well, I just bought the DigiTech RP355 plus the patches from Richard Hunter, and I got to say I’m impressed. Some great blues tones from the amp models, plus some very nice reverb and delay effects for chromatic.
I actually bought the pedal for the express purpose of improving the tone of the chromatic, which it does quite nicely, but it’s the diatonic blues that is really served well by the pedal.
Only a few months back I invested quite a lot in a not inexpensive small tube amp. Now I’m thinking the pedal sounds better! (going through my clean Roland AC60).
The real advantage of the pedal is the versatility it offers. At the press of a button you can get a new sound. With a tube amp you pretty much get the same sound (all the time).”

Jon Eriksen, Soul Sauce, (USA, jazz)
“I tried (hrs & hrs) to program a model of a bassman to get that Little Walter etc sound and never got it. YOU GOT IT! like I said before, many thanks. I knew it was in there and with your patches I now have it… the keyboard player I work with loved them. Sounded like the real deal bassman/Chicago blues harp to him.”

Ross Macdonald, Sassparilla (USA, Americana)
“Richard Hunter’s RP patch set is one of the great bargains in harmonica electronics today, and he is awesome at answering questions about the set up and use of the RP units.”

Gary Mulholland, The Watchsnatchers (UK, Irish music)
“Well I’ve loaded the patches and played with them through a clean amp with my Fireball V and couldn’t be more delighted!! Your hall patch is perfect for me, all I did was take a little bit of treble off at the amp and wow!! I’ve finally got the sound I’ve spent 10 years looking for. I actually swapped a Peavey Delta Blues tube amp set up for harmonica for the clean amp, so I gave away a lot, but boy was it worth it.”


Alistair Russell, Swamp Donkey (Australia, Hard Rock/Metal)
“Alistair here down under. Just wanted to wish you a happy new year, and also let you know that I am really enjoying the RP. It has been a wow factor to a number of audiences, and players who have asked what ‘rig’ I am using. Always tell them about R.H. and to Google Youtube to see for themselves. Thanks again for teaching an old dog some new tricks and licks.”

Marcos Coll
“Hi Richard!!! How you doin! I’m cool, still with my RP200 and happier than ever ha ha ha…now I don’t care about takin’ an amp for touring, this is totally cool for me, I got different blues sounds, plus the freaky ones…i love it!!!”

Glenn Woodhouse, ColdRail Blues Band (USA, Blues, Rock)
“I am set up with the RP350 and Richard’s patches. I play mostly diatonics into a black label CR, through a Lone Wolf delay pedal, and into a SJ Cruncher for most of our blues tunes but I am adding more and more organ backing on some of our songs using a Fireball V, through the RP350, and into the PA. We also do a couple of Zydeco tunes and I use a chorus/rotary effect on diatonic with the RP350 to emulate accordian and it works great.

“We are adding William Clarke’s “Greasy Gravy” to our catalog and I am using two RP350 effects with chromatic for the song. For the melody I use a Fender Champ with Reverb effect and for backing the guitar solo I just hit the “up button” to go to the above mentioned organ patch and then “button down” to come back in with the melody. Basically these are the only two patches I am using so I have located them next to each other on the pedal so I can alternate back and forth quickly and easily.

“We are also adding Booker T’s “Time Is Tight” that I am playing on chromatic with the RP350 chorus/rotary effect. Playing chords on chromatic (versus the split octaves I typically play) with this patch is incredible, if not “organasmic”!

“I have reached a level of comfort and appreciation with the RP350 that I will consider using only it into our PA for smaller venues. It will save my back and some time not having to lug and setup my amp. I still love the Cruncher though………”