It’s Sunday before Labor Day 2012, and I’m getting ready for the drive home to Connecticut. It was a great summer playing with Brian Maw and Eli Preston, and I’m looking forward to continuing work with this group. We’ve got a big sound and big ideas–that’s a good place to start, innit? Seriously, I’m amazed when I listen to the live recordings how much low end Eli generates on that djembe, and how much of the aural spectrum we fill up. It’s no wonder people like the band; it’s a new kind of power trio sound, and who doesn’t love a power trio?


I still have tons of unreleased live audio and video of this band to share. I listened yesterday to the entire second set of the party we played on August 10, and there was a lot of really great stuff in there. So stay tuned for more stuff to look at and listen to, and stay tuned as well for more gigs with this band. I’m driving away from Idaho, but not for long.