I’ve been fired from my power trio. Which is kind of a drag, especially given that I was the leader.

The first problem from the band’s point of view is that I was gone all summer. It’s not easy to rehearse when the band members are separated by 2500 miles. And they wanted to rehearse more, not less, for which I can’t blame them.

The second problem is that I wanted to change the band’s direction. In particular, I wanted to do the singing. I’d been singing in my solo act this summer, and I liked it. But I agree that singing and playing harmonica at the same time takes some doing.

Anyway, it’s done, at least for the moment. And I have to figure out what’s next. I’m thinking a lot about developing my solo act further, incorporating prerecorded tracks as well as the looper, and that’s probably where I’ll go from here. The other alternative is to focus on writing and recording some new material, which is not necessarily mutually exclusive with developing the solo act.

So stay tuned for some radical solo harmonica. I plan to have a couple of sets of material ready to roll by March, when I play the Virginia Harmonicafest.