I love Glee and I watch it frequently. There are a few things I love about Glee:

1) Every show there’s at least one performance that knocks me out. Last week it was “Fat Bottom Girls (Make the World Go Round).” My all time favorite to date was Kristen Chenoweth and Matthew Morrison dueting on “How Do I Get You Alone.”

2) The show’s basic message, driven home with one amazing character after another, is: Be Yourself. In caps. The fat girl who was the object of last week’s “Fat Bottom Girls” performance (loved those big guitars) is an absolutely new kind of character. She’s very fat and not very pretty, even if she wasn’t fat, but she’s not to be pitied. She knows who she is and what she wants, she takes crap from no one, and she MAKES the boy who comes on to her take her seriously.

3) It’s funny. Even when it’s not about funny stuff.

Harmonica content: I have never heard harmonica on Glee, and that’s a damn shame.