Chris and me on harmonicas, Brendan doing a lot of percussion. There’s some great stuff in here, but Chris and me could not stay connected on the grooves–I think that’s why Brendan started doing the beatboxing thing. Brendan and I had two interesting things happening in the first 30 seconds, one of which is the very opening, and the other Brendan’s autowah lead over a chunky rhythm from me close to 30 seconds in. I couldn’t follow Chris much of the time–at one point I stopped playing completely so I could try to hear his groove. I couldn’t. That said, each of us had some interesting things to say. Did I mention that there’s some great stuff in here? The RP350 sounds cut through pretty well on this stuff. I really like the big lead lines I played with a low octave double patch at about 54 seconds in, that’s a big noise that makes for a big groove, and the wavy chorused sounds at the beginning are nice too. See the other Video of the day for today for more on this event and the second part of the jam.