I’m in NYC for a couple of days, and tonight I sat in with the Michael Packer Blues band at Lucille’s Bar & Grill at 42nd Street and Times Square. I’ve known Michael since high school, and it was nice to hear him again. He told me that he worked with Rob Paparozzi last week; it’s a small world for harp players. Michael has a regular harp player in his band, who was kind enough to let me use his rig, a Shure SM57 mic into an Ampeg Reverb Rocket tube amp. It was a tough blues sound for sure.

Tomorrow night (Monday July 27) I’ll be playing a couple of sets with Jon Paris’s band, also at Lucille’s, starting at 8 PM. I’ll be using my own rig then–Audix Fireball V mic into Digitech RP200 into the PA. (I left my RP350 in Idaho–I had a lot of other stuff to drag around on this trip.) If you’re in NYC and want to hear some rockin’ blues, that will be the place. See you there, I hope.