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Video of the Day 11 Nov 2012: Steve Baker and Opportunity

This video shows Steve Baker in performance within the last couple of weeks, playing live with Opportunity, one of his killer bands. He sounds good, dunnhe? The main reason I draw attention to his sound is this: he’s playing into his Marble amp through a Digitech RP255 set up with my patchset. Specifically, he’s using one of my Champ patches with the gain dialed down a little. Looks like a Blowsmeaway Ultimate 57 mic with a Blowsmeaway volume control, too.

I’m really delighted to hear how nice my patches sound in the hands of a master like Baker. Way cool. Don’t forget to check out the other videos by Steve with this band.

4 replies on “Video of the Day 11 Nov 2012: Steve Baker and Opportunity”

nice sound do you have a gain reduced patch so i can use it on my marble amp

kind regards Simon

You can easily adjust the gain on any patch with any RP from an RP250 up. On every one of those RPs, you can control gain in real time with one of the knobs on the front panel. Check the manual for your RP to see which knob controls gain.

For use with a Marble amp, I’d start with one of my bassman patches or Champ patches, and adjust the gain (down) as desired from the front panel, then save the setup when you hear a sound you like.

the Champ B works like a dream sounds freaking awesome , wasn’t sure if i should use mix or amp setting

Yeah, that ChampB is a stone monster. Champ amp model with a Bassman cab model. It does all the right things. Other blues favorites include the Bassman amp and cab, and the GA40 (which is not available on the RP355 and down). The Amp/Mix button basically determines whether the cabinet model is employed. Use the Mix setting (cab model included) when you’re going straight to the board or a PA. Use the Amp setting when you’re going to a guitar amp–the cabinet on the guitar amp will do the trick.

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