Richard Hunter is one of the world’s leading composers and performers of music for the harmonica. His compositions and performances have been featured in numerous films, television productions, and major label and independent record releases. He has released two CDs of original compositions for solo harmonica, “The Act of Being Free in One Act” (1995) and “The Second Act of Free Being” (1998). He is the author of “Jazz Harp” (Oak Publications, NYC, 1980), widely considered the best book ever written on jazz and rock harmonica styles and techniques. The book has sold over 20,000 copies worldwide. He continues to release new recordings that explore the limits of what the harmonica can do in modern music. Many of these can be heard on his Myspace page.

You can buy Hunter’s CDs at CDBaby and Amazon , and you can buy mp3s of his songs on his Myspace page at the Snocap store.