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The Huntersounds RP500 Patch Set is Here!

We’re really proud of our RP500 patch set. It’s loaded with 50 great original patches, and it runs on the Digitech RP500, a VERY nice box for stage performance.

Come and get it at the store.

RP500 in upper right
RP500 in upper right

And stay tuned for our RP1000 patch set, coming this fall!

2 replies on “The Huntersounds RP500 Patch Set is Here!”

Hi Richard

Yesterday I bought your patches fior the RP500 and loaded them into my brand new RP500
Before I dated up the Firmware to 2.0 and themn I made a cold reset on the RP500 and recalibrated the extension pedal.

First question:
I saw, that I have the possibility to download three times the patches but how can I reach the download mask again, if my patch DL is damaged?

second question:
I tested the patches with the Mic you also use and the impedance adapter from shure
(A85F) and I use headphones from AKG. I loaded the bulk with the X.Edit tool 2.4 and no error appears. I could see, that all patches where written down to the RP500 without any shown problem. So the most patches seem ok but some patches I cannot believe, that its ok. For example patch 7 I hear nothing.??
So whats wrong?


FYI all, I assisted drstrange with these issues offline. In brief: 1) we can always supply a patch set copy to registered owners, and you’re registered automatically when you purchase, 2) the patch that sounded like “nothing” is actually a reverb-only patch, which sounds like added ambience. This is normal. Thanks, RH

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