I posted to Facebook a couple of weeks ago about my experiences with different comb materials on my diatonics. Not long after, and based in part on my experience with metal and aluminum combed harps, I ordered a few brass and acrylic combs from Tom Halchak at Blue Moon Harmonicas. Tom contacted me not long after and asked whether I’d be interested in running some tests.

So Tom is sending me half a dozen Big Rivers in C and a set of combs in different materials. I’m going to do my usual setup work (flat sand the draw plates and tweak the reed gaps) on those harps, fit them with the upgraded combs, and start playing. I’ll record the audio from those tests, and I’ll add my comments, and I’ll publish the results.

THIS IS NOT A SCIENTIFIC TEST–we’re not dealing with all the many variables that affect the sound of a harmonica–but it’s certainly going to be interesting. Stay tuned.