I stopped by the Harp Depot store this morning and spent a little time at the Suzuki table.  I ended up checking out some of their new harp prototypes, which I really liked.  (They asked me not to discuss them in detail, and I won’t.)  While I was there Brendan Power showed up, and before I knew it he’d pulled out a harp and we were jamming on some uptempo blues.  So within, like, 2 minutes of meeting Brendan for the first time, I was playing with him.

Brendan sounded great, of course.  And I loved some of the harps he’s created.  I had the opportunity to play a Richter-tuned chromatic that he put together–like a Koch harp, only much higher quality.  What a blast.  He had a lot of other strange and wonderful instruments that were like crosses between diatonics and chromatics, but I didn’t have the time to play them all.  (Brendan has written elsewhere that he thinks the future of the harp lies in instruments something like this.  He’s got a point.)

Only at SPAH, man.