My Peavey KB/A 100 started producing lots of bad sounds last night–crackles, pops, booming bass, sudden drops in volume. After 18 years, I guess it’s overdue for service. Anyway, I’m back to the KB2 for the moment. Depending on what it costs to repair the KB/A 100, I might be buying a powered speaker or two soon. Whatever I do to get a big speaker back in my performing life, I’m going to have to think about remixing the loops I use for backing tracks–my brief experience with the KB/A100 and its 15″ woofer showed me that there’s a lot more low frequency content in my loops than I was hearing with the KB2 and its 10″ speaker.

Peavey KB2 Amplifier: it’s what’s for gigging, at least for now
Peavey KB2 Keyboard Amplifier