This piece is a very impressive performance involving looped and live harmonica, beatboxing, singing, and percussion. The harmonica is a Natural Minor (haven’t checked the key) played in second position. Bailey uses two vocal mics, both apparently direct to the PA, one for the vocals, one for the harp with a delay line on it. The delay is nice and fat, probably analog, and he makes it loud in the mix to reinforce the rhythm for the piece. I can’t tell from the video whether he’s triggering tap tempo for the delay with his feet, but whether or not he is, the delay is closely synced to the beat.

The song is great, the arrangement is great, the harps sound great, looped or live, the beatboxing sounds great, the singing sounds great. Like, it’s great. He’s obviously coming from some traditional roots, but there are no traditional roots that involve natural minor harmonicas and the chord voicings he’s using. (If he was using a bullet mic on the harp, those nice chord voicings would be totally smeared.) It’s a fully formed performance of some highly original high-quality stuff. The lead harp reminds me of early Jazz trumpet styles; it’s sophisticated in unexpected ways, always surprising. I found myself listening very carefully all the way through this piece. You will too.