If you own a Digitech RP355, keep reading, because this is about a feature that doesn’t exist on the RP250/255/350. If you don’t own an RP355, keep reading if you…

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If you own a Digitech RP355, keep reading, because this is about a feature that doesn’t exist on the RP250/255/350. If you don’t own an RP355, keep reading if you want to see what you’re missing.

The RP355 has a “stompbox mode” that you access by pressing the two rightmost footswitches at the same time. In this mode, the left footswitch is an on/off switch for distortion; the middle footswitch turns whatever modulation effect (such as pitch shifting, chorus, flange, rotary, vibrato, tremolo, etc.) is programmed into the patch on and off; and the rightmost footswitch turns delay on and off.


This means that you can dramatically alter the sound of a patch with a single footpress. So you’ve got a patch with a long analog delay on it, for example, and you only want the delay for your solo. You go into stompbox mode, and you use the right footswitch to turn the delay on for the solo and off otherwise. And you can still use the footpedal to control delay time or level if you like. (If you’ve programmed the footpedal to control some aspect of one of those three things, the footpedal is inactive when the corresponding function is turned off in stompbox mode. So in this example, the footpedal would only alter delay time when the delay was turned on.)

Or let’s say you’ve got a patch with a rotary speaker effect. You control the speed of the rotary effect with the footpedal, and you use the middle footswitch in stompbox mode to turn off the speaker effect completely.

Or you’ve got a patch with a flanger effect on it, and you want to switch to a long delay on the choruses. You use the middle footswitch to turn off the flanger, and you use the footpedal to control delay level, bringing up the delay in the choruses and down in the verses.

This is unbelievably cool. It makes every patch in the RP that much more flexible and musical. I’m using this feature a lot lately. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a try.

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  1. Yes i finely got my used rp 355. question, should i get familiar with all the controls or go ahead and order the patches? Im not real good at these things at all ,so i dont want to learn one way and have to change it all over again.
    Thanks for your help Brad.

  2. Hi Brad,

    I think you should order the patches. It’ll be a lot easier to understand the RP’s controls when you see what I’ve done. Otherwise, it’s a lot of work to figure out how the sound changes when you move a particular control, especially since many of the controls interact with each other.

    Over time you’ll figure it out. But if you start with my patch set, you can be using the thing to make music right away, instead of spending tens or hundreds of hours learning how to program it first.

  3. THe best thing I like about patch set that patches don’t feedback at reasonable volume. All my attempts to find great tone failed after hearing feedback. Richard’s patches was great to start from. Now I can modify them with easy to any needs.

  4. Yes I do agree the Stompbox moe is awesome… But everytime I loop someting I get locked in Stompbox mode and cant get out… How can I go back to the regular patch that I was plating in or changer patches for that matter…
    Love my Digitech RP 355 please help…
    Thanks again,

  5. Hi Gina, this is a new one for me–I don’t use the looper, so have never tried stompbox and loop mode at the same time.

    Are you trying to use stompbox mode with the looper, or does the device just enter stompbox mode when you start the looper? if the latter, you may be hitting two footswitches when you only wanted one.

    Otherwise, I think this is one for Digitech support.

    Regards, RH

  6. Actually Richard when you are in Stompbox mode how do you get out and back to your presets.
    Thank you,

  7. Hi Gina,

    The way you get out of stompbox mode is the way you got in–by pressing two pedals simultaneously. I forget offhand which two (not using stompbox mode a lot lately), but it’s pretty easy to find out, given that there are only three in total, and you’re NOT pressing the two that you press to go into bypass mode.

  8. how can i turn off / switch off and rurn on / switch on my digitech rp 355 ? for doing these , shall i plug in to electircite dirctely ? there is not any botton ? can u help me?

  9. There is no button to turn power on/off. The RP355 turns on when you plug the power supply into it. I recommend that you get a copy of the manual from digitech.com.

  10. Is it possible to use the “stompbox” to activate multiple effects. For example wah + delay ?

  11. The RP ALWAYS has certain combinations of FX available, including distortion, reverb, delay, and chorus/FX. In stompbox mode, you can turn delay, chorus/FX, and distortion on and off.

    Wah is ALWAYS available on the RP, whether you’re in stompbox mode or not. Just make sure the wah is turned on for the patch, which you do by putting the footpedal toe down hard enough to trigger it. See your manual for instructions on how to set the footpedal trigger point.

  12. My Rp355 got locked in the stompbox mode. the preset is Meddle.
    Now I cant figure out how to get out of the stompbox mode. I have tried presing the 2 foot switches simultaneously, but it doesn work. It is still Locked in the Stompbox mode.
    So can anyone Please please please tell me a way out?
    I simo=ply cudnt figure a way out, So caqn please anyone help?? 🙁

  13. premi contemporaneamente e rilasciA istantaneamente i due pedali a destra; così si attiva o disattiva la stompbox.
    anche io impazzivo, ed ho risolto così. se ci stavo poco tempo in più, lo stompbox non si disattiva…

    awards simultaneously and instantly releases the two pedals to the right; so it toggles the stompbox.
    I also went crazy, and I solved it. if there was a little extra time, the stomp box does not turn off …
    : O (
    : O)

  14. I know this is way old thread but thank you so much Maurizio, I was stuck in stomp mode and didn’t realize that if you hold the 2 pedals down for anything more than a quick second, it stays in stomp box mode. If you press the two pedals (middle and right) and release quickly, it will exit stomp mode and back into preset mode.

  15. I’m with Grillo in thanking you and also telling you that this thread is still relevant. I had quite a hard time getting out of Stomp Box mode; the solution being ‘DO IT FAST’. I didn’t read that anywhere in the manual. And btw, you can’t reset the pedal to factory presets if it’s in Stomp. I tried.
    Thanks again Mauizio.

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