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RP Tip #15: Use the right power supply

I’ve had a few inquiries from subscribers recently about power supplies for the RP. The questions generally take the form of “what power supplies can I use with the RP?” The very short answer to this question is: ONLY the one that came with it.

A lot of people would like to put their RP into an effect board with a bunch of other devices, and use the power that goes with the board, which is usually 9V or 18V DC. Unfortunately for those folks, the RP150/155/250/255/350/355/500/1000 run on a power supply that puts out 9V AC. If you try to use 9V DC or 18V DC (or anything besides 9V AC, 1.3 amps) with one of those RPs, you will fry the RP. The ONLY RP that runs on a DC power supply is the RP360/360XP, and that’s the one Digitech supplied when you bought one of those devices.

Folks, don’t fry your RPs. Use a Digitech-approved power supply for your RP. When you get your RP, label the power supply that came with it so you know that’s the one that goes with your RP. Don’t use that power supply with anything else, except another RP. If you need a backup power supply (which in my opinion is a very good thing to have), order one designed for the RP you’re using. DO NOT attempt to use a power supply designed for the RP360/360XP with any other RP, or vice versa. You will regret it.

And by the way, if you live in a place that uses 220V wall power, DO NOT use the US power supply designed for the RP150/155/250/255/350/355/500/1000 without a voltage converter–not just an outlet adapter, a CONVERTER–between the wall outlet and the power supply. Otherwise you will burn out the power supply and the RP the first time you plug it in. I did that in London once, and I’m never doing it again. (The power supply for the RP360/360XP WILL run on 220 volts, and it comes with adapters that are designed to work with wall outlet configurations worldwide.) Get the right power supply for your region (or use a battery-powered device like the Zoom G3 loaded with our patch set).

Digitech PS913 power supply and RP355 (click image to buy at American Musical Supply!)

Digitech PS913 RP Multi Effects Power Supply

DigiTech RP355 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal with USB

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32 replies on “RP Tip #15: Use the right power supply”

Digitech RP is 9v AC instead of 9v DC (regular boss/ibanez/mxr power supply). It’s easy tu turn transformer ac/dc adapter to ac/ac adapter. You have to remove any schematics. Polarity doesn’t matter for ac adapters.

I think you have confused things here Richard. The RP 355 does accept any 9VAC. The 1.3 you mention is the maximum volt amps output of the Digitech transformer. A 9 VAC transformer which puts out more volt amps is OK too because the Digitech would only draw what it needs.

I bought a Digitech RP355 in the states. We now live in Spain. I bought the 220 input Digitech adaptor at a music store here. It does not fit the adaptor pin. Took it to an electrical store…they are clueless…went back to the music store, they called in a tech…he is clueless. Any help/advice??

Unfortunately, the stateside one has an input limit of 110…if I plug it into 220 it will fry either the power adaptor, the pedal, or both. It states right on the adaptor that the limit is 110…I have fried enough appliances to be extremely careful about this.

Okay, then get a 220V-110V step down transformer, and use that with the 110V transformer. a little bulky, but not extremely expensive.

The problem that can only be solved with a US-type transformer is the fit of the plug to the RP. That’s the main issue–adjusting the electricity is easy compared to that.

I bought this RP355 a year ayo and now i cant get any sound output through either Amp or Headphones.

If I turn on the Drums and crank the RP’s master volume to max I can faintly hear the drum machine (very distant sounding) with headphones on.

Tuner doesnt work either.

Guitar leads are all fine when plugged from guitar straight to amp so its not them.

I also tried a factory reset but it made no difference.

Any help/suggestion appreciated

Wendi, the adapter may be the problem. But the adapters are not cheap–a new one is close to $30, as I recall. I suggest you take the RP down to the nearest store that stocks RPs, and try a new adapter there.

If you’ve tried using the RP with a non-standard adapter, you may have a bigger problem. The RP runs on AC current–most stompbox footpedals are DC. If you connect a DC power supply to the RP, you can wreck the RP.

A factory reset usually clears up the kinds of issues you’ve described. If the factory reset didn’t work, and the power supply isn’t the issue, then I’d send the RP to the nearest Digitech service center–you can find one at Good luck.

Seems like im having the same problem like wendy described i lost my adapter so i plugged it into some adapter i had lying around. IT seems to power on but there is no sound comming out of the input . all i hear is drum, which is very faint as well. I see some adapter on ebay selling for 8 $ or something, Can you let me know if changing the adapter helped. IT seems you need VAC output and VAC INPUT as well.

im a lil hesistant in buying a new one but let me now if it works
thats the link for the adapter they are selling

That’s not the power adapter you want. The right adapter has a red ring around the tip. It’s about $25, which is pricey, but not as pricey as a dead RP. Use guitar center or musiciansfriend or something–they’ll have the right adapter in stock.

am planing to buy a rp155 from USA,will it works in india??coz the power is different-thanks

Better to buy one with the right power supply, the USA units only work with 120 Volt AC power.

No, it does not have a range up to 220V. If you plug it into a 220V outlet it will fry the adapter and the RP. I have done it. Check with Digitech tech support at to find out what the right adapter is for India.

I pluged the adapter in 220v,it works for some 5 sec,it stoped working. and the adapter become little afraid that my rp got damaged,help plss???

@Akhil: you have probably burned out the power supply and the RP. As per my previous comments, you shouldn’t use the US power supply with 220 volts.

It’s always possible to repair it. is it under warranty? it’s probably dead, so repair or replacement are the only options. maybe you used the adapter that came with it, but if that adapter isn’t designed to work on 220V power then it’s not the right one for you. Contact digitech support for more info at

Hi, a quick power supply surgery if I may:
I would like to use Digitech RP155 on the sidewalk! Is there a dedicated battery power supply / stand alone unit similar to Sanyo Pedal Juice (which I use to run all my pedals – Line 6 Tap Tremolo, Wampler , Wah pedals.. Help!

@ Desperado: I don’t know of any portable power supply that will work with the RP155, which uses AC power at the device, not just at the outlet. the best bet might be to run something that produces 125V AC, which you can then plug the RP’s power supply into. Otherwise, try a Zoom G3, which runs on battery, instead of the RP155.

I have the same problem with the faint drum sound with master volume set to 99 and no input working. Using headphone jack for sound output. Also tried using headphones with 1/4 adapter in both mono and stereo channels but didn’t produce any drum sound in those outputs.
Did anyone figure out if using an officially spec’d adapter fixes this? I can’t find my original adapter so I used other AC adapters I found which can output more power but I figured the RP will only pull the power draw it requires..

Hi Ryan. I don’t know if your problem is the power supply. In any case, you should never use any power supply with an RP other than the one recommended by Digitech. Power supplies are still cheaper than RPs, and it’s easy to burn an RP out with the wrong one.

Regarding the drum machine: you didn’t mention which RP you’re using, but as per this section from the RP350 manaual, the drum machine has its own volume level:
The RP350 includes a built-in drum machine loaded with 60 useful patterns and 5 metronome settings that are easily accessible at the touch of a button (the Drums button, specifically). Pressing the Drums button will enable the drum machine and start playback of the selected drum pattern (except when in Store or Bypass mode). When you turn the drum machine on, the display reads Drums On; when you turn the drum machine off, the display reads Drums Of. When the Drums row is selected (using the Edit buttons), Knob 1 selects the drum Style, Knob 2 adjusts the drum Pattern, Knob 3 adjusts the Tempo of the drum pattern and Knob 4 adjusts the drum machine playback level. Press the Drums button again to stop playback of the drum loop.
So select the Drums row using the edit buttons and see what the level is set to.

Thansk< RH

You can find a 9v, ac, 2000ma, center positive, power supply, with the right tip, that fits the rp200, for about $8, free shipping, online, but it still will not power it properly. I got my rp200 for $30, at a flea market. A local music shop lost my original adapter. It’s a “meh” pedal, at best, so $40 is not any where near worth it, so, if anyone is willing to pay to power it, You are welcome to mine for $5. You pay shipping.

Nah. Tell You what. You pay shipping & I’ll just GIVE it to You. I’d rather someone get some use out of it, rather than it go into an already over full, land fill.

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