I’ve had a few inquiries from subscribers recently about power supplies for the RP. The questions generally take the form of “what power supplies can I use with the RP?” The very short answer to this question is: ONLY the one that came with it.

A lot of people would like to put their RP into an effect board with a bunch of other devices, and use the power that goes with the board, which is usually 9V or 18V DC. Unfortunately for those folks, the RP150/155/250/255/350/355/500/1000 run on a power supply that puts out 9V AC. If you try to use 9V DC or 18V DC (or anything besides 9V AC, 1.3 amps) with one of those RPs, you will fry the RP. The ONLY RP that runs on a DC power supply is the RP360/360XP, and that’s the one Digitech supplied when you bought one of those devices.

Folks, don’t fry your RPs. Use a Digitech-approved power supply for your RP. When you get your RP, label the power supply that came with it so you know that’s the one that goes with your RP. Don’t use that power supply with anything else, except another RP. If you need a backup power supply (which in my opinion is a very good thing to have), order one designed for the RP you’re using. DO NOT attempt to use a power supply designed for the RP360/360XP with any other RP, or vice versa. You will regret it.

And by the way, if you live in a place that uses 220V wall power, DO NOT use the US power supply designed for the RP150/155/250/255/350/355/500/1000 without a voltage converter–not just an outlet adapter, a CONVERTER–between the wall outlet and the power supply. Otherwise you will burn out the power supply and the RP the first time you plug it in. I did that in London once, and I’m never doing it again. (The power supply for the RP360/360XP WILL run on 220 volts, and it comes with adapters that are designed to work with wall outlet configurations worldwide.) Get the right power supply for your region (or use a battery-powered device like the Zoom G3 loaded with our patch set).

Digitech PS913 power supply and RP355 (click image to buy at American Musical Supply!)

Digitech PS913 RP Multi Effects Power Supply

DigiTech RP355 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal with USB

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