I own a lot of RP hardware, and sometimes it does surprising things. Like, for example, I discovered last week that I can’t save a patch on the RP355 to any location besides preset #1 when said patch includes an LFO that modulates pitch shift with a square wave. (Don’t ask.)

When I’m stumped about what’s going on with my RPs, I email Digitech customer support. And when I do, I get help. I have never had to wait more than 24 hours for a response (except on weekends, of course), and the responses are always to the point and helpful. Furthermore, when the first response doesn’t do the trick, I email them again, and the second time around they respond within minutes, not hours.

This is good customer support by anybody’s standards, and RP owners should know that Digitech stands behind the stuff they make. So when you have a problem with your RP, don’t hesitate to go to Digitech.com and ask for help.

Digitech RP355
DigiTech RP355 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal with USB