Over a year ago, I wrote to the Harp-L internet mailing list to tell list members that I’d released a new song called “Stone Castle,” and said piece was intended as theme music for a vampire movie.  Soon after, a member of the list named Johan Klüwer wrote in to say that his Oslo-based band Rex Rudi had also recorded a song about vampires–“Vakre Vampyr”, which translates to “Lovely Vampire” in English–with Johan playing harp.

I don’t speak Norwegian, but I checked out the band’s website and liked what I heard:  twisted rockabilly with cool, distinctive amped harp.  Last night I revisited Rex Rudi’s music, and liked what I heard even more.  The band rocks, and they have a sound that’s classic (big twang guitar with lots of spring reverb) and new (the song structures and the wicked harmonica).  The fact that the lyrics are mostly in Norwegian is fun for me: I can listen to the music and decide for myself  what they’re talking about.  (Of course, if you must know what they’re REALLY talking about, you can always take a course in Norwegian.)

You can download a bunch of mp3s from this crew at:


It’s worth the trip, and the music is both priceless and free.