I started working with my Boss RC-2 looper today, prepping for the gig at Alpine Wines.  I find that it’s very effective to set up a simple 1 to 2 bar chord vamp for accompaniments.  I’ve had as many as 4 layers going at once.  I thought maybe it sounded a little too gimmicky, but my wife says it’s a good sound.  So many layers it is, at least until I hear the recordings from the gig. 

Ultimately I need my patch changes side by side on the RP355, just as I do for my setups with whyNow.  That’ll take a little work, but I really need it.  It’s way too slow to go patch by patch looking for the next one in a layer you’re building.   In the meantime, an interim strategy is to use the side by side patches I set up for different amp models.  The only problem there is that every layer in a patch will have the same amp model, probably not tops for separating the layers. 

I’m excited about this approach to solo harmonica, and I can see it’s gonna take work to make it happen on stage.  I love it.  I will do it.