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Pedalboard Mode on the RP500 is, Like, Perfect

I’ve written previously about pedalboard mode on the RP355, and it’s certainly a nice feature. But it takes some fancy footwork to get in and out of it. Pedalboard mode on the RP500 is much, much better.

Top to Bottom: RP500, RP1000, RP355
Top to Bottom: RP500, RP1000, RP355

On the 355, once you enter pedalboard mode–where you have dedicated footswitches for FX, delay, and reverb on/off–you can’t change patches until you exit pedalboard mode. That’s cool if you only want more realtime control over one patch, not so cool if (like me) you like to change patches frequently within a song.

In the RP500’s pedalboard mode, you get both. You have five dedicated footswitches (compression, distortion, FX, delay, and reverb), which give you on/off control over those very important aspects of a patch’s sound. And at the very same time, the dedicated up/down footswitches let you change patches, too.

Is that not to die for? Realtime control over five big aspects of the sound, and patch changing too. I’m in love. If you want to find out about our Huntersounds patch sets for Digitech RP–a bunch of great sounds for your RP that makes all this control even more satisfying–click here.

3 replies on “Pedalboard Mode on the RP500 is, Like, Perfect”

The v16 RP500 Patch has roaundabout 168k the version 17 has only 84 k.

Is this correct?


I don’t know why the file is so much smaller, but I’ve loaded it successfully on my RP500, so it should work. Certainly the patch set is complete with all changes. Try it and report back if you have any problems. Thanks!

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