The recording sessions for “The Lucky One” begin Sep. 16 in Philadelphia. I’m still writing lyrics and music for this project, and I’m feeling good about the repertoire. Producer Ed Abbiati and I conferred on the final song list a couple of days ago, and I’m putting together the demo packages for the players on the session, which I’ll deliver to them in the first week of September. I’m doing rewrites on the songs as necessary as we go along, and I like it–I feel like the stuff is getting better all the time.

I worked today on my song “Hurt and Far,” which Ed told me last week he wanted on the record. It’s a sad, slow song with beautiful chromatic harmonica. Have I mentioned that chromatic harp on a ballad is a sure thing for breaking someone’s heart? At Ed’s request I rewrote the chorus changes today and recorded a demo, and I think it’s better than it was before. But I’m still wondering if it’s just too sad. I dunno. It’s sad for sure. I already rewrote the lyric on my song “Make the Noise You Came to Make” to turn it around and make it positive; can I, should I, do it again? I’m thinking yes.

Anyway, those are the kinds of questions coming up on this record, and I’m happy to be dealing with them. I’ve never put my lyrics first on any recording, and it’s exciting to be doing it now. Stay tuned for more news about “The Lucky One.”