I’ve just put a new video up on Youtube at:


This is a live recording of a solo harmonica electronica performance of my piece “Pull of the Moon.” The original used multiple layers of harmonica chords pitch-shifted down 1 and two octaves. This version uses two contrasting tones on the Digitech RP350 to flesh out a very simple chord progression with a calm, eerie vib. I’ve written before that one of the cool things about these pedals is that you can get a lot of different sounds on the gig; I thought it would be interesting to use very different sounds on a single piece. I laid out the patches for the song side by side so I could move back and forth between sounds quickly. Even so, it takes practice to get the shifts exactly right.

The only things in the gear chain on this piece are the mic, the RP350, and the amp. No processing was appplied to the recorded sound, except to adjust the overall volume.

I play a Lee Oskar natural minor harmonica in 2nd position on this piece. The bridge is in 5th position (tonic = blow 2 reed). The harmonies are obviously very different from what you can get on a standard tuned diatonic. Hey, if you don’t own a natural minor harp, why not?