I’m the only guy in the world, I think, who makes sounds designed for harmonica players to use with amp modelers.  I’ve been selling sets of patches for the Digitech RP200 for awhile, and now I’m working on a patch set for the Digitech RP250.

It’s taken me awhile to warm up to the RP250, but I’m really getting into it now.  It has some very cool stuff inside it, like for example a wah wah that actually works with harp.  The pitch shifter has a clearer, stronger quality than the one in the RP200 too.  Put it together with the wah wa and hmmmm…

Anyway, I’m figuring to offer the new set of patches for the RP250 sometime in late January.  I’m designing it to include patches for 4 diferent mics: the Shure 545, the Bottle o’ Blues, the Audix Fireball V, and the Astatic JT30VC.  If you don’t know what those are, you obviously don’t play harp.

Stay tuned for more info on this, my latest effort to drag harmonica into the 21st century.