I’ve put a few new ringtones up on my site on the downloads page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the Ringtones section. At the top of that section, you’ll see “3 harp slide,” “3 harp stroll”, and “Dual Electro Harp Leads”. Check ’em out. Buy ’em if you like.

These pieces were all recorded first as loops in my Digitech JamMan Solo looper, which I find to be an absolutely awesome tool for quickly developing grooves. Once I had the grooves down, I transferred the loops to my computer, where I either mastered them as is (“3 harp stroll”) or re-created the grooves with drums (and sampled bass guitar in the case of the Dual Electro Harp piece).

I’m particularly interested right now in developing layers of sounds with the Digitech RP355, and all of these pieces have multiple layers of harmonica. For these pieces, I used an amped blues harp patch based on a Blackface Deluxe Reverb amp model; a double-low-octave patch that I call “Tuba,” for reasons that will be obvious when you hear it; a rotary speaker effect patch with a Bassman amp model; an auto-wah patch based on a Matchless amp model; and my freaky favorite, a patch that uses the RP355’s LFO (low frequency oscillator) feature to overlay the main sound (based on a Blackface Deluxe Reverb amp model) with a second voice that shifts rapidly between an octave down and a fifth up.

I’ll be distributing the Tuba patch to my patch set licensees soon, along with a few new patches for RP350 and RP355 users only. (Sorry, the 250 and 255 just don’t have all the models and effects involved.) Stay tuned for those and for more ringtones.