“In Peace” is a simple song with a beautiful sound: two Melody Maker harmonicas overlaid via loop recording, both played through a Fireball V mic into a Digitech RP355 running my FBAROT patch, which consists of a Bassman amp model with a rotating speaker effect. I recorded the parts on the Digitech JamMan Solo looper, exported the loop to a WAV file, and brought the WAV file into Cakewalk Sonar for editing. I added EQ and reverb in the editing process, because by then I had decided that I was going for a beautiful composition, not a literal performance.

Digitech RP355
DigiTech RP355 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal with USB

I think this piece, short and simple as it is, reveals an aspect of the Digitech RPs that’s easy to miss: they can make very beautiful sounds as well as tough, bluesy sounds and weird sounds. It’s really nice to have a piece of gear that can make so many sounds, especially when it’s small, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive.

“In Peace” by Richard Hunter