Brandon Bailey is one of the most exciting artists out there for anyone who’s into the harmonica. In addition to playing cool stuff on the harp, he’s a killer singer and songwriter with a very personal approach to loop-based composition and performance.

Brandon wrote us the following message today:
I am currently in the last 5 days of a Kickstarter campaign that I started to fund my next album, which I am hoping to record in early August. My goal is to raise $3000, and I am currently at $1100. I would greatly appreciate it if you could mention my Kickstarter campaign in your blog.

Sounds like a good idea to us. If you’re interested in contributing to Brandon’s project–I sure am!–click on this link: Help fund Brandon Bailey’s new album!

So let’s help Brandon get this show rolling! Keep in mind that this request needs your immediate attention–the way Kickstarter works, Brandon gets all the money or none of it, so if he’s short of the goal on July 7, no new album, folks.