I went to the blues/rock jam at a club called Twenty at 20 Summer Street in Stamford last night (Sunday) hosted by members of the State Line Blues Band.  What a show!  I had a blast listening to the band’s first set–solid rhythm section, a singer that sounded a lot like Janis Joplin, and an absolutely deadly guitarist.  I was SO excited about playing with that crew.

So this is how cool it was: the band takes a break and I set up my Digitech RP200 into the PA.  I take out an A Natural minor harp and start to blow a chorded riff with a Reggae feel, using one of my RP200 patches (a clean amp model with a low octave double–it’s my big accordian sound, really, only heavier than an accordian).  The bass player joins in, then the drummer joins in, then the guitarist, and before I know it we’re writing a cool reggae piece on stage, with lots of blowing time for everyone.

So this was a super cool jam.  The only problem I had was that eventually the one guitarist became two, and then the harp was a bit swallowed up by all those giant guitar frequencies.  But hey–the band dug it, and it was great rocking out for a couple of hours with some superior groove merchants.  I will be going back.  Look for me there in a Sunday or two.