I’m playing Alpine Wines in Driggs ID tonight (Wednesday, August 7 2013) with Susan Berkenfield on vocals. This duo is turning into a very interesting project, where I’m learning to use the looper (and a new, expanded setup that includes a keyboard) for jazz as well as blues and rock. I’ve been focused for a year or so on using the looper with harmonica; adding keyboards to the loop arsenal makes for a bigger and more varied sound. It also makes for more complicated moves within songs, but you give something up for everything you get, don’tcha? It’s pretty cool to lay down a piano part (or two, or three) for “My Favorite Things”, then solo on chromatic harp until it’s time to return to the keys. Yes, I’d rather have McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones behind me, but I’ll take the looper until they drop in.

Alpine Wines in Driggs ID--wine and song at the very least
Alpine Wines in Driggs ID–wine and song at the very least

I’m recording these shows, and should have some interesting stuff to listen to in a few days. Stay tuned.