The long-awaited v16 patch set for Digitech RP 250/255/350/355 is almost ready for release. All that remains is assembling the bulk load sets for RP250/255 and completing the documentation. I expect to replace the current v14/15 sets with v16 within a month or so; after that, all new buyers will get the v16 set, and I will retire distribution of the v14/15 sets. We’ll still offer support for registered users of the v4/15 sets.

The v16 set is very different from previous sets. I have learned that most players never use the vast majority of the patches I supply, and I supply a lot, which means a lot of effort is being wasted. For the v16 set, the design goal was aimed at 30-35 patches that will be useful in a wide range of styles, with an emphasis on amped blues, acoustic reverb and delay treatments, rotary speaker and vibrato sounds, pitch shifted sounds, and clean amped tones–all sounds that harmonica players can use immediately in many musical contexts. RP350/355 patch sets include 35 patches, which are then repeated to fill the user patch area completely, allowing owners to experiment with or overwrite the doubled patches as they choose. RP250/255 patch sets include 30 patches, doubled to fill the user patch area. All these patches represent years of careful tweaking and learning. They are big, bold, and beautiful. I will post a set of samples for the sounds in these sets soon.

In addition to the patches included in the base v16 sets, players will be able to buy additional Huntersound Packs of 4-5 patches each, with each Pack devoted to a particular theme and priced at $5. Planned themes include a looper pack (of instruments designed to create a full band loop), an acoustic spaces reverb/delay pack, a bass pack, and other cool stuff.

Next up are the samples. Stay tuned. Note that anyone who was eligible for an update as of May 2012 will be upgraded to v16 automatically. Thanks!