I posted last week about the demands of a country swing client for high/ fast harmonica.  Well, I bought a new Lee Oskar E harp (I’ve been using  Low E for a while now), and I laid down a couple of tracks in first position.  You can’t get a whole lot higher than that.

And what do you know–those tracks sounded pretty good, both amped up and clean.  I don’t think they were really a lot faster than the first set of track I laid down–16th notes at 150 beats per minute sound pretty quick to me whether they’re coming from the top floor or the basement–but they sure sounded faster on the top octave of an E harp.  Sometimes the client actually does know best. 

Time to sing the praises of the Line 6 UX2 audio interface I used for these tracks.  The great thing about the UX2 is that you can record a clean track and a track with an amp modeler on it in the same pass, and both of them sound very nice.  Sure saves a lot of time, both in the recording and the editing.